Consultancy Services

Seeking new opportunities in the fields of banking, finance and digital transformation; we provide solution-oriented consultancy services for organizations trying to grow, manage competition, improve their processes, make their risks effective and compliant, and achieve their strategic goals.

We provide the most appropriate products and methods on the way to their strategic goals in line with the needs and demands of the institutions we serve with our customer priority perspective, with the approach of “optimum cost, maximum efficiency and sustainability”.

Thanks to this approach that covers all our services, we make a difference with our customized consultancy processes for every business branch and institution we serve.


Core Banking

With our more than 20 years of experience in Core Banking, we stand out with our value-oriented approach rather than profit-oriented approach to establish permanent business partnerships and to be the first choice of our customers by providing project-based and end-to-end solutions.

Our areas of expertise;


We provide end-to-end and project-based consultancy on all Treasury issues, especially Derivative Products, Asset and Liability Management, Fixed Income Securities and Money Market transactions.

Cash Management

DBS, Supplier Financing, Institutional Integrations etc. We offer creative approaches and solutions in line with current business models with our past experience.


We provide services in both Corporate and Retail loans, including credit transactions, collateral matters, limit and risk restructuring.

Risk Management

Customized services are offered to companies to measure the risks encountered in the activities of the companies, to establish risk management policies and to contribute to keeping the risks within the limits of risk taking in line with the strategic goals of the companies.


Data Management

In today’s volatile business environment, we take our customers’ real-time and traditional data management practices to a competitive level with our industry experience. Both Finnovation and with our strategic partners who are experts in their fields, we provide services that create superior value to our customers.:

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Legal Reporting


Digital Transformation

With our innovative model shaped around the Culture, Strategy, Leadership and Awareness issues, we make special digital transformation plans for our customers; we start up on the basis of application areas in parallel with each customer own values.

  • Digital Culture
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Leadership
  • Digital Mindfulness
  • Business Process Monitoring and Development
  • Project Based Technology and System Integration


Project Management and Agile Transformation

The imperative of being more agile as an organization and individually begins with appreciating the potential of adopting this proven agile efficiency paradigm, but performing it alone is not enough. Rather, it requires time, focus, work, practice and elaboration.

Time is the enemy of effective change.

And therefore, from the largest multinational companies to the earliest seed stage initiatives, companies prefer Agility and return to the Agile Organizational model to transition quickly, efficiently and sustainably and transfer the necessary information by instilling expertise.

The inevitable technological march has penetrated every sphere of life and fundamentally changed the pace of development of the business world. Today, we are firmly attached to a society where expectations are pushing the limits of possibilities and adaptation to sea change is no longer an extraordinary event, but a normal course.

This maturation of expectations changed the business world forever and made simple survival an almost insurmountable challenge. That is, unless the basic methods and methodologies of the business adopt a level of agility that matches the rate of change triggered by the exponential growth of technology.

Agile methodology (Agile) is a process innovation that requires a way of thinking, evolution, adaptation, collaboration and continuous development. Modernizing what the corporate hierarchy is to an agile adaptive enterprise that can deliver it in an internet-driven timeframe is a development area where the new business world faces.

Agile process is the antidote to the challenges of time compression and the complexities of today’s project development. Only through deep collaboration, rapid iterations and flexible response to the inevitable change march provides a level of efficiency possible.

It is a way to optimize software development since the release of Agile Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

For more than a decade, companies have gradually adopted and refined the basic principles of Agile; The basic principles that transform the peace of mind in businesses to the agility needed to renew the bits and bytes that drive trade. And while agility is generally necessary for survival in today’s world, the Agile process, when applied with perfection, is what drives exceptional delivery, and exceptional delivery is the catalyst for sustainable corporate growth.

Transform Strategy Into Reality!